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Vol . 8 , No . 1, Spring-Summer 2009
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WFS Learning Section Bulletin

Learning Section Steering Team

Steve Steele, Peter Bishop, John Smart, Jay Gary, Dave Stein, Yvonne Andres, Wendy Schultz, Tom Abeles, Ron Newell, Kay Strong

Thematic Issue Guest Editorial Board

Linda Groff (USA)

Sohail Iyanatullah (Australia)

Wendy Keslick (USA)

Eleonora Masini (Italy)

Stephen Aguilar-Millan (United Kingdom)

Bengt-Arne Vedin (Sweden)

Editorial Board

Dave Stein
Managing Editor
Jay Herson
Regional Editors
Anthony Au, China
José Cordeiro, Venezuela
Alphan Manas, Turkey
Julio A. Millán, Mexico
Youngsook Park, South Korea
Carolyn Stauffer, South Africa
Mohan Tikku, India
Louis Tuvée, France
Book Review Editors
Ken Harris
Lisa Roney
Carolyn Shettle
Editors-in-Chief, Emeriti 
Andy Hines
Richard Mayer
Design Editor
Silvia Cavaco
Circulation Manager
Carl Pinches

Director, Special Projects
Tommy Osborne
Public Relations
Natalie Ambrose
Lisa-Joy Zgorski
Editor, Weak Signals
Elina Hiltunen
Chapters' Corner Column Editor
Verónica G. Trovamala Inzunza
Associate Editors
Edison Durán
Jay Herson
Tommy Osborne
Arthur Shostak
Stephen Steele
Associate Editors, Educational  Programs
Lois Neuman
Tim Mack
Exchange Editor
Gina Mostafaie
Silvia Cavaco

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Featured Article
How will YOU live and work tomorrow? Transnational Roundtable: Perspectives on the Future from Across the Globe What will your lifestyle and value system be in 2025? What culture-based hidden assumptions limit your thinking and your notion of personal identity? What can you learn from other peoples and cultures that can help humankind meet the challenges of the future? And what is the future of cultural diversity itself? Read Full Article
From the desk of the President - Tim Mack
Global Challenges of the 21 st Century:
Sustaining Life
Life on planet earth, regardless of geographic setting or culture, has some very specific requirements, common to every living person. This article will look at those challenges relating to the health and well being of all humans, ranging across all cultures. One of the basic premises here is that while cultural forces can affect many aspects of life, the elements involved in sustaining that life can have just as profound an effect on culture, especially in a negative or disruptive fashion.   Read Full Article
Intercultural Communication and Negotiation: Insights on the U.S. – Japanese Relationship-by Linda Groff  

Introduction /Abstract

This article looks at some general principles and pointers from the intercultural communication and negotiation fields about how to deal with similarities and differences between cultures that can affect their perceptions of each other and resulting interactions. Key similarities and differences in the socialization of people in U.S. and Japanese cultures—in different areas in which people learn their respective cultures—are then compared. The article concludes with recommendations about the importance of “doing one’s homework” and learning at least some basic knowledge about another culture—and its similarities to and differences from one’s own culture—before going to visit, interact or negotiate with, or do business with its people.  Read Full Article

Henry Fung – Publication Design Pioneer

The editors of FUTUREtakes do not want the excitement with our new Web look to distract us from acknowledging the outstanding contributions of our retiring volunteer graphic designer Henry Fung. Henry, the originator of our "Fungtastic" design, has retired from his day job as graphics designer with the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston after 28 years there. Henry was born and raised in Hong Kong, and he came to the U.S. in 1976 to attend college at the University of Houston. He followed this with graduate study in advertising design at Syracuse University. While at the University of Houston, Henry met his wife Susanna, also from Hong Kong. They have two daughters and reside in Houston.  

Henry has been our graphics editor since 2005, and his Fungtastic design helped propel FUTUREtakes to prominence among futurists across the globe. We wish Henry the best of luck in his retirement endeavors.

FUTUREtakes vol. 8, no. 1 (Spring-Summer 2009)