living here, working there — will it ever end?

  • What are long-term consequences of people not being able to live where they work – a problem experienced in the US by many policemen, firemen, teachers, and resort workers?  Are long commute times and distances the wave of the future, or are there weak signals of a countertrend?
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  1. Liz Adams says:

    A long term consequecnes on a long commute is definatley the amount of polution going into the air. Both of my parents and my stepdad all have at least an hour commute to and from work everyday. Thats at least two hours a day and ALOT of gas being used and polluted into the air.

    I also feel it could cause more strain on our economy. Im sure more people are making the long commute just to have a job in this economy. With the unemployment rate so high, people do not have the choice to be particular about where they are trying to get a job, only that they do get a job to support their family. So I think that leads to more people with longer commutes. It also can lead to more expenses for them, besides filling up their gas tank more often while the gas prices are rising, but also having to pay for more upkeep on their cars and the possibility that their cars might not last as long as it could have by adding the extra driving time.

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