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power and influence shifting East — what will it mean for you?

Fuerth’s article discusses a shift of power and influence to Asia. What implications does this have for the dominance of US culture and values in various parts of the world? What implications for lifestyles and living standards? And, will English … Continue reading

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your lifestyle in 2018 — simpler or more complex?

One might expect Inayatullah’s discussion of healthy and green cities, meditation, and spirituality to appeal to people who are interested in simpler lifestyles. Other contemporary developments suggest that society and everyday life are becoming more complex. With these points in … Continue reading

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Being everything you can be — will you do it?

In 2018, will more people, on a percentage basis, live at the self-actualization level (from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs) than today, in your part of the world and elsewhere? Why or why not?

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What happens when you cannot (or will not) “unplug”?

Consider the following potential consequences of mobile, wearable computers and of the capability to be constantly “plugged in.” Will the capability become a mandate? What are the implications to quiet, contemplative “down time”? To vacations? To social life? To information … Continue reading

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stimulation and diversion — history or destiny?

It has been argued that diversions provided by television and now by Web surfing have been at the expense of family quality time. What trends or possible “wild cards,” if any, will reverse this trend in the next 15 years? … Continue reading

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Your life and career — linear or cyclical?

What will employment patterns – and retirement and education patterns – be in 2018? What will the typical workday be like? What will be the relation between a college degree and one’s career(s) – and with what implications to higher … Continue reading

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uncompensated overtime — coming to a workplace near you?

Tuvée’s article refers to the lifestyle extremes of workaholics and “35 hours a week aficionados” that are found in contemporary France. Various other nations in Europe are also characterized by balance among work, family, and leisure, as evidenced by longer … Continue reading

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